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Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

- Mary Oliver

Things are hard. We seem disconnected. You might feel alone. Maybe you struggle to see your own importance and power. What’s the right direction to move?


Stop waiting for life to happen. You have just one shot at this wild and precious life. You need to own this journey and know that you matter. I will ask you questions, give you tools and practices to tune in, invigorate your sense of purpose and help you feel more alive.

We need you and the unique gifts you are here to contribute. You have this power within you, you just need to know where to look and how to speak into this authentic, clear power. Vulnerability and empathy will be the superpowers for our work. You will also learn that you need others to share this journey with and amplify each other. We will meet each session to discover how your unique gifts and talents are showing up so you can maximize them.

 Are you hungry and ready to go? 


So glad you found your way here. Doing this work is my passion and helps ME contribute to the world I want to co-create! Here is a bit of my formal information:

  • Gallup CliftonStrengths Certified Coach

  • Professional Development Trainer, and Facilitator

  • MA Communication, University of WI, Milwaukee focused on Organizational Communication

  • BA International Studies, Minor Economics, Certificate in Peace Studies, University of WI Milwaukee

  • Guided by 15 years following the principles and practice of Nonviolent Communication

  • Work is centered on Emotional Intelligence, self-knowledge practices, effective communication skills and creating more interdependence in work and personal relationships

Here is what else I want you to know:​

  • believe in expansion over conformity

  • I like to lead with curiosity and possibilities over certainty

  • Moving beyond right and wrong thinking is essential

  • We need each other in this world

  • This work takes courage and vulnerability






Artistically Inclined Professional

I've always considered myself to be someone who knew themselves pretty well. After connecting with Jules and analyzing the depth of my strengths, I have a new appreciation for my abilities. Undoubtedly, it has come with challenges and moments of hesitation! Even still, I would recommend Gallup CliftonStrengths Assessment and Strength Based Coaching with Jules to any team or individual interested in improving (or establishing) interdependent relationships and heightening self-awareness. The test encouraged me to look at myself holistically and Jules empowered me to love myself for it!



Development Specialist

Jules is steadfast in her attention, presence, patience and communication. I feel seen, heard and validated. I cannot recommend Jules and her services highly enough. I worked with her through a difficult time in my life and, through Gallup CliftonStrengths and interview coaching, she helped me understand and appreciate myself and land my dream job! Whether your struggles are personal or professional or both, she can help you to see new perspectives on your choices moving forward. Jules is truly a gift! 



HR & Training Leader

I've worked with Jules through Strengths Based Discovery coaching sessions to develop my self-awareness and set personal direction. She is an amazing guide in this process! I love that Jules' approach is holistic, with her ability to make observations and draw connections between my personal and professional application of my strengths. This has helped me to be more in tune with how I want to show up in my relationships. Jules’ listening skills are both impressive and supportive, with tears and laughter being a helpful part of the process. You're missing out if you don't take the time to tap into Jules' coaching skill set. I wouldn't have arrived at many much needed aha! moments over the last couple of years without her. 

Stephanie Photo.jfif.jpeg


Research Analyst

My time with Jules has been invaluable! When I began the process of switching careers, I had no idea what I wanted to do or what roles I would find more fulfilling. Strengths Based Coaching gave me the tools to help identify positions I would find engaging and a new paradigm to understand how my colleagues interacted in the workplace.

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